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The purpose of this site is to inform Stonington voters about the activities of the Republican Party, and the opportunities offered to those who want to get involved. The coming election year is going to be another exciting time politically and we, at the local level, have a vital role to play. We hope that you will be inspired to get involved in some way and help keep our party successful.

The Stonington RTC strives to: get Republicans elected to Federal, State & Local offices and to educate the electorate regarding Republican beliefs and values.

As Republicans we strive to continue the Party’s long and rich history of the following basic principles: individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights; and political decisions are best made close to home.

The following represent your elected Republican representatives for the Town of Stonington.

Bryan Bentz. - Chairman Email
Jim Kelley - Vice Chairman Email
Sal Ritacco - Treasurer Email
Amy Hambly - Secretary Email

Kendra Becker-Musante Linda Camelio* Eric Janney John Prue
Frank Musante Kenneth Cote Jim Kelley Robert Simmons*
Bryan Bentz Deborah Downie Karen Linehan* Stephen Singer
Mary Ann Bentz Daniel Dyer Anthony Lombardo Chuck Sneddon
George Bernhard Virginia Fabianski Jan MacGregor Susette Tibus
Stephen Bessette Sal Ritacco
Thom Mathews G. Blunt White
Andrew Blanda Glenn Frishman George McMillin
Martha Booker Alexa Garvey Jane Meiser  
Daniel Booker Mike Garvey Russell Morrison  
David Brown Amy Hambly Mark Palmer
William Brown Gisela Harma Sally Pawlick  

* Member of the SRTC as holder of municipal office


The above individuals hold office for two-year terms and pursuant to our By-Laws (found below); elections for members and officers are held in January during even numbered years.


Board of Selectmen
• Rob Simmons - Email
Tax Collector
• Linda Camelio
Board of Finance
• Bryan Bentz, Chairman
• Glenn J. Frishman
Board of Education
• Deborah Downie
• Alexa Garvey
Board of Assessment Appeals
• David Harma
Registrar of Voters
• Karen Linehan
• Daniel Booker
• Anthony D. Lombardo
• Edward O. McCabe
• Susette Tibus

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the bylaws.

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