The Right & Responsibility
By voting, citizens take a stand on important issues and help decide who represents them. While this right to vote is inherent in being a U.S. citizen, it means much more than being allowed to vote; for included in the right to vote is also the responsibility to vote.

Voter Eligibility
Any U.S. citizen 18 years or older and a bona fide resident of the Town of Stonington is eligible to vote in all Federal, State and Town elections and referenda. If you are 17 years old, but will be 18 years old by Election Day, you may "pre-register" and you will become a voter on Election Day.

CLICK HERE - for complete information on Voter registration in Stonington.

General Elections
Federal and State general elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, in even numbered years. Town of Stonington elections occur on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November during odd numbered years.

Stonington Polling Places
District 1: Stonington Fire House, 100 Main St., Stonington
District 2: Pawcatuck Fire House, 33 Liberty St., Pawcatuck
District 3: Deans Mill School, 35 Deans Mill Rd., Stonington
District 4: B. F. Hoxie Engine Co., Mystic Fire Dept., 34 Broadway Ave., Mystic
District 5: School Administration Building, 49 No. Stonington Rd, Old Mystic

If you have a question regarding your correct Voting District, please contact either the Town Clerk at (860) 535-5060 or the Registrar of Voters at (860) 535-5054.

How to Donate to the Stonington RTC

Contributions from an individual eighteen years of age or older may be accepted to a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year to the Stonington RTC. Contributions from an individual less than eighteen years of age may be accepted to a maximum of $30 per calendar year. An individual contributor must be either a United States citizen or a foreign national with permanent resident status in the United States. Contribution to the Stonington RTC, like all political contributions, are not tax deductible.

Contributions from a political committee established by: a business entity; two or more individuals; or a labor organization, may be accepted to a maximum of $1,500 per calendar year to the Stonington RTC. The donor political committee must be registered with the State of Connecticut.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of our donation form, print it out and send it to the address below:

Please make your check payable to “Stonington Republican Town Committee,” and send it to:
    Bryan Bentz, Chairman
    Stonington Republican Town Committee
    80 Wilcox Rd.
    Stonington, CT 06378

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